commercial mortgages recovery loan scheme

Commercial Mortgages using Recovery Loan Scheme

Commercial Mortgages – Recovery Loan Scheme The Recovery Loan Scheme is fairly well known. What is less well known is that you can use the Recovery Loan Scheme for commercial mortgage borrowing. This means businesses who own their own trading premises as well as commercial property that is held as an investment and let out.
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what is top slicing

What is Top Slicing?

What is Top Slicing? Let’s remember that the whole financial sector loves an acronym and loves a sound bite. Top Slicing sounds more like my golf game, but it is all about buy to let lending and using other income to support a shortfall in rental income. It works where the traditional lending to rental
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Capital allowance march 2023 new equipment

Equipment & Asset Finance – Capital Allowances

Equipment & Asset Finance – Capital Allowances Also known as the ‘super deduction‘, there is an increase in what companies can claim back against their corporation tax when purchasing new assets or equipment. Historically, companies could claim back the cost of new equipment and asset purchases as a P&L cost, meaning that their corporation tax
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holiday let mortgages

Holiday Let Mortgages

Holiday Let Mortgages Statistics from one holiday let mortgage lender showed a 30% jump in holiday let mortgage applications in the six months to March 2021. The average price of a holiday let purchase had increased from £387k in October 2020 to £435k in March 2021. This is a 12% increase in just six months.
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joint venture property tips

Tips on Joint Venture Developments

Joint Venture Developments A joint venture is when you undertake a project with a commercial aim in partnership with another person/s. Joint ventures are pretty common when it comes to property investment, whether that be a property development or acquiring a property to let as an investment. There are several good reasons why joint ventures
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tips for mortgage valuations

Valuation Tips – What To Do First

Valuation Tips One of the biggest factors that prevent businesses and property investors from borrowing is when the security they are putting up is valued below what the owner thinks it is worth. So what can you do? The first thing is to recognise that there is a difference between an estate agent valuation and
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recovery loan scheme latest news

Recovery Loan Scheme – Latest Updates

Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) The successor to CBILS and BBLS (and probably EFG also) remains on track to launch on 1st April, traditionally not a good day for anything to be taken too seriously, however there are some serious facts emerging. For details on how to apply then click here and we will send them
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