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Tips For Holiday Lets – Easier Mortgages

Tips For Holiday Lets – Easier Mortgages With the increasing popularity of holiday lets as an investment property rather than the traditional buy to let, it is worth looking at the common mistakes and areas that investors often fail to cover off, usually thinking the lender isn’t interested when actually, they are. When raising a
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Why Use Recovery Loan Scheme?

Reasons Why Recovery Loan Scheme Works Let’s start with the obvious. The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) was a one off, really good, never to be repeated loan scheme so anything you compare to that is going to leave you disappointed. What you need to do is compare what the Recovery Loan Scheme offers
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Solving & Repairing Credit

Solving & Repairing Credit Credit scores? I argued for a long time that credit scores don’t actually exist. All lenders take a view on what is and isn’t acceptable to them. The more interesting part is the detail that makes up the credit rating. That still stands. However, more and more suppliers, as well as
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The Solution For When CBILS Repayments Bite Back

When CBILS Bites Back CBILS finally ended on 31st March 2021, as of June 2020 £38bn had been advanced to 910k businesses. Between now and March 2022 businesses will need to start making repayments to these loans or seek agreement from their lender for special terms outside of the standard CBILS scheme. Many of these
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IR35 Limited Company

IR35 & Property Investment Demand

IR35 & Property Investment Since April 2021 HMRC introduced changes to IR35. This meant that all public sector clients and medium or large-sized clients outside the public sector became responsible for deciding on the worker’s employment status. This meant that many contractors and freelancers who were IR35 now became employees with their client now being
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Rentals incomes on the move

Rental Incomes on The Move It seems to have been a rollercoaster ride for the residential rental sector over the last 18 months, leading us to a place where very few would have predicted when the pandemic began. Back at the start of the pandemic we saw lenders withdraw, nervous of job losses, voids and
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commercial mortgages recovery loan scheme

Commercial Mortgages using Recovery Loan Scheme

Commercial Mortgages – Recovery Loan Scheme The Recovery Loan Scheme is fairly well known. What is less well known is that you can use the Recovery Loan Scheme for commercial mortgage borrowing. This means businesses who own their own trading premises as well as commercial property that is held as an investment and let out.
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