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grow my business - star trekGrow my business. A common aim among entrepreneurs, small business owners and directors of mid sized companies.

But where does the innovation for ‘grow my business’ come from?

A business will grow for one of a few reasons, for example it may be;

  • Cope with demand
  • React to competition
  • To meet it’s costs
  • Market opportunity

Or for another equally valid reason.

The really interesting part behind the ‘grow my business’ strategy is where the innovation for growth comes from. For a business to expand it needs to be offering something different, either on niche, price or space in the market.

To explore innovation a little further then let’s use this as an example;

Between 1966 and 1969 there were 79 episodes of Start Trek made. These episodes introduced he public to futuristic and fictional items such as, mobile phones, GPS, flat screens, lycra clothing, automatic doors and even bluetooth headsets.

This was purely created for a TV show, however the thinking and practical uses of each of these items was inspirational to say the least. If you were a manufacturer who had looked at the need for each of these items then created the solution you would be considered a visionary. Because it was a TV show, we see it as creative.

In reality the difference between creative and innovative is a fine line.

OK, Star Trek was in the 1960’s and the technology was not available to bring these fictional items to life at that time. However, what it does show is that if you are wanting to ‘grow my business‘ then innovation and inspiration for growth can come from some really left field places.

If you are thinking about growing your business and want some ideas then get in touch via the website, or add your comments above.

By Lime Consultancy

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