Grow Your Business Through Delegation – Part 2

Purple SunflowerIn a previous post we looked at how to grow your business through delegation. In that post we gave you the first two tips, now we give you the final three…

Communication is king

Ensure you take the time to properly brief your BSC, be clear about what you expect and by when. Give them access to all the company information and resources they require to complete tasks.

You will probably find that this process is not as time consuming as it sounds. A support consultant is used to taking direction of this kind and will even prompt you for all the details they need in order to deliver your projects, meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations.

To delegate or not to delegate

‘But it will be quicker if I do it myself.’ Yes, in the short-term it might be, especially if you are an expert in that field, however if you’re not, you will actually save time by delegating projects to someone with specialist skills and knowledge.

I recently attended a talk by Kent entrepreneur Alastair Jessel who has run a number of businesses, he advised: ‘an entrepreneur must recognise what they are good at, but more importantly what they are not good at and delegate these tasks.

Ultimately you may not be able to sustain the level of work required to run and grow a successful business on your own. Plus, if you do take on everything yourself it can lead to increased stress and reduced productivity.

So, take some time now to delegate tasks. In the long-term you will build a strong commercially beneficial relationship with a trusted individual who has a vested interest in helping your business to succeed.

A problem shared

How many times have you looked at your website and thought that really needs updating? Sat deliberating over when and how to spend your marketing budget? Stayed awake until late catching up with a pile of admin? What if you had someone to call upon for when you needed extra help?

Remember a BSC brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experienced gained from working in and for a range of different businesses, through networking and professional qualifications. They can become a valued member of your wider team, providing advice and assistance as and when you need it.

Find out how Purple Sunflower can support you and take the first steps towards a healthy, sustainable business and some time for yourself.

By Emma Grossmith

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