29 August 2014

Growth Voucher Presentation

growth vouchersGrowth Voucher Presentation

On Friday 26th September we are running a presentation on Growth Vouchers at The Sandman Signature Hotel in Crawley / Gatwick.

The presentation is incorporated into a networking event at the same venue, all happening between 8-10am as part of 4 Networking. This means that there is a chance to meet some great business operators, enjoy a breakfast and see what Growth Vouchers are all about.

What Are Growth Vouchers?

The easy answer is to come along on 26th September and find out. However, the Growth Voucher scheme is designed to offer businesses vouchers to spend on various areas of their business, this could be marketing, accountancy, funding or website work, in fact it could be pretty much anything that would benefit your business.

The good thing is that all the providers on the scheme are approved, also the vouchers are Government funded so it really is a great chance to grow your business with the Government paying for the work.

Where Can I Find More Info On Growth Vouchers?

If you search Google you will find plenty of links, the best ones to look at are;

For anything over and above this then give us a call on 01293 541333. We are an approved supplier via the Growth Voucher scheme for commercial funding and business finance requirements, we like the scheme so much we are trying to push it out there as our future clients could get our costs paid for them. Some things can be too good to be true!

Book on to the networking event on 26th September here, then see what Growth Vouchers could be doing for you.

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