19 August 2014

Independent Financial Advisers

Independent Financial AdvisersIndependent Financial Advisers

IFAs are a sector that Lime Consultancy has traditionally worked very well with. Our experience shows that we share a common client base but our expertise goes in different directions.

You work with business owners, company directors, partners and professional business people. Your clients trust you with their financial affairs and respect what you have to say. Rightly so, you are regulated, qualified and professional in how you do things. These are standards we equally operate to.

The Benefits of Working With Lime Consultancy

We provide business finance and commercial funding solutions. Our offering and expertise is complimentary to what you do. By giving you the option to solve your client’s business funding requirements we open up a wider conversation for you to have with your client. After all, we don’t do what you do, but we do fully recognise the value of what you provide your clients.

Think of these as the main benefits;

  • Call us when you want, run a proposal or client proposition past us. We will always give you honesty and some pragmatic, quick feedback to respond to your client with
  • By Lime Consultancy working with your client to meet their commercial finance needs we open more opportunities for you to broaden and deepen your client relationship
  • With Lime Consultancy undertaking your client’s business funding needs you keep control of what your client is doing, helping to reinforce your relationship and adding yet more value. It makes you look great and protects the relationship you have from competition

How We Work It

We try and keep it simple. We will provide you with whatever information your network or regulatory advisers need in terms of diligence. We also do things properly, your client will always receive;

  • A Terms of Business letter
  • A full breakdown of what we have proposed for funding, why we have proposed this and the full rationale
  • A breakdown of any commission or income we expect to earn from any transaction

This is all about clarity and doing the right thing.

If you want to offer your clients even more and have another solution to take to your client then get in touch and let’s see if we can work together.