24 November 2021

Introducing Business

Want to earn on work you can’t do?introducing business

In my view, working in collaboration with other likeminded people is where the best results happen. Whether that be sharing knowledge, working together with a client or on the football field, working together always achieves better results.

90% of our work is introduced to us by someone else. It works really well. This pdf explains everything.

There is no better source of clients than recommendation, but we all know that.

So how does it work and how does it benefit you?

We work really well with Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Business Consultants and IFAs. Why? Because we don’t do what you do, we share the same client but add something complimentary to your offering.

Take Mortgage Brokers:

  • What happens when a client asks about financing their business?
  • When they want to undertake a property development?
  • When they want to buy commercial property?
  • Or they have a finance need that just doesn’t fit anything you can offer?

Instead of passing up the enquiry, refer to us and if we can get the deal done we will pay you. That is an income for doing very little and often an income where you would otherwise have earned nothing.

That’s before the nicer bits, like client retention, helping your reputation and showing how different and better you are than your peers.

All the key details are available here:


If you can’t read the flip book then you can download the pdf version here, or if you want some recent examples of the type of work we have completed then our recent case studies are here. Our frequently asked questions are available on this pdf or at our introducers FAQ page.

These are just a few examples, it always helps to see things in real life:

How it works

Put simply, we put an Introducer Agreement in place so you know that the client belongs to you, it also outlines what we will do and what we will pay to you when a deal completes. We both have everything in black and white.

The process looks like this:

introducing business to lime consultancy

Have you ever?

If you have ever had a client ask you about:

  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Development Finance
  • Complex Buy To Let
  • Financing Their Business

Then we can help. We make things as simple as we can and really put the work in to get the right deal for the client and get it done as simply and hassle free as possible.

If you want to boost your income and introduce to us then click here, lets talk and see what we can do together. You can also download our pdf overview for more details.

Let’s make 2022 a good one.

Dave Farmer

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We are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. This means we do things properly and declare both what we earn and what we pay to any introducer. It is called fairness. We operate our introducer scheme in line with FCA rules, as you would expect us to.