Is Your Business Message Being Misunderstood?

business messageYou know your business, you know what you do and you do it well.

But is your business message being properly understood? Do your clients know everything that you can do? Do your future clients know what you do?

Too many times small businesses will think they are promoting their business but actually end up not getting their message across clearly.

Take this as an example;

True story. A man walks into a record shop, the conversation goes –

‘Do you have that record, it’s called ar@ehole man’

‘Sorry sir? What record is that?’

‘You know, it goes “he’s an ar@ehole man, da, da, da, da, da, da…..” you must have heard it’

‘Oh, you mean “He’s a soul man” by Sam & Dave’

OK. So this made me giggle a little. But the underlying story is common across many small businesses. You think you are saying one thing but your audience hears something different.

If you only get one shot to get your message across then it really needs to be clear and concise. If you are not sure what your audience thinks you do, then I would suggest one thing –

Ask Them

You can do this is many ways. Ask and listen in a face to face environment, or go for an email survey. You could easily contact all your clients and connections, then ask them what they think you do.

I would bet you may get some surprising results.

Surveys are easy to arrange and there are loads of free options, try surveymonkey or have a read of this blog post on surveys. Wufoo are another good option, all free so make the most of them.

If you do undertake a survey then listen to the feedback, it can be uncomfortable but is worthwhile in the long run. Also, don’t take it personally…

If you have any questions about getting your business understood, or want to know more about not seeing your business message misunderstood then contact Lime Consultancy here. Please also add your comments above, it is always great to hear from you.

By David Farmer

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