Just Cashflow Lender Failure – What To Do

just cashflow IP options to refinanceJust Cashflow Lender Failure – What To Do

Just Cashflow was a lender offering a range of business linked borrowing facilities, the majority of these were secured by property and/or a personal guarantee.

Their borrowing was split into three main areas:

Revolving Credit Facility
The Revolving Credit Facility is similar to a traditional bank overdraft in that interest is applied on a day-to-day basis.

Business Accelerator
A twelve-month facility from £10K to £2M. This was suitable for obtaining larger asset purchases for your business.

Business Builder Loan
Business Builder worked exactly in the same way as a traditional bank loan allowing growing companies to smooth out the peaks and troughs. You could seek a business loan between £10K to £500K and interest was charged on a monthly basis over a twelve-month period.

Just Cashflow Administration

In late 2022 Just Cashflow went into administration, since when the landscape has been fairly quiet. We are aware that now (August 2023) the IP dealing with Just Cashflow is writing to borrowers with a final offer and final full repayment date.

These letters may come out of blue for some borrowers, especially if prior communication was not read or absorbed in full.

What To Do

As with anything borrowing related, the more time you have the more options you have. If you, or your client, have received a letter from the IP then please get in touch and we can look at your options. It is fair to say that some of the offers from the IP have been less generous than others, either way, there is a ticking clock getting louder for former Just Cashflow borrowers.


Get in touch and let’s look at the options.