KFC Christmas Commercial

KFC CommercialKFC Commercial

OK. This is a break from the norm for us. We may have financed a few KFC outlets (we lover franchising, did you know that??) and eaten a few bargain buckets, but this is simply a video we love.

Why The Commercial?

Simply put, it is amusing. The more you smile the more productive you become, the happier you are the easier it is to overcome obstacles.

So, really we are helping your business as well as making you smile (we hope).

From the serious perspective, give a little thought to how this type of marketing could work for you. A little left field thinking can work wonders…

The Power of Video

If you are marketing your business then give some thought to the power of video. If it works for KFC then it could work for you. Video can be great value, fun and grabs an audience easier than text.

Take 5 mintues, grab a tea and watch the commercial. Enjoy.


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