14 July 2015

Legal, Regulatory & Policies

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Legal, Regulatory & Policies

We aim to be open and honest about everything we do. Links to our policies and procedures are available via links in the page footer. Further details are provided here.


Data Protection

We are licensed for Data Protection and registered at the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Our Data Protection policy can be downloaded via the link below. If you have any questions about our use of your data then please ask.

Data Protection Policy


FCA Declaration

Lime Consultancy is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. With regard our services in relation to business finance or raising funding, Lime Consultancy is defined as a commercial credit broker, it is not a lender itself. Lime Consultancy earn income through a combination of fees payable by the client and/ or fees paid to Lime Consultancy by lenders.

Our full FCA Declaration forms part of our standard terms of business, the separate declaration can be downloaded here – FCA Declaration Policy


Treating Customers Fairly

We aim to treat all our clients with fairness. This means we will treat our clients with respect, offer them the best guidance we can and will charge for the services we provide. We have a formal Treating Customer Fairly (TCF) policy which can be downloaded here – TCF Policy


Standard Terms of Business

Every client is issued with our T&Cs when we agree to work with each other. The T&Cs include an outline of the client’s requirement and as such are individual to each client however the wording and terms under which we operate remain the same. A copy of our Terms of Business can be downloaded here – TERMS INDICATIVE NOV15


Website Terms of Use

Our website is a resource that is open and available. We reserve the right to get things wrong occasionally, just like anyone does. Because of this we have a terms of use policy for our website, it can be downloaded here – Website Terms of Use


Complaints Procedure

Sometimes things go wrong. If you ever have a query or question about something then we encourage you to contact us and speak. Most times we can resolve issues at the first point of contact, however if we cannot or we cannot agree on things then we have a formal complaints procedure which has been developed in conjunction with The NACFB and is approved by The FCA. This is available here – Complaints Procedure

Note;  If you wish to register a complaint, please write to us at ‘The Beehive, City Place, Gatwick, RH6 0PA’ or telephone us on 01293 541333. A summary of our internal complaints handling procedures for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints is available on request and if you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk or by contacting them on 0800 023 4 567.


Anything Else

If you have any questions then please get in touch on 01293 541333 or contact us via the website.

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