14 August 2014

Commercial Finance Solutions

Commercial Finance SolutionsCommercial Finance Solutions

Our commercial finance solutions are built around giving the very best funding solution for your business. It is about sourcing the best available finance option that will meet your needs now, but also allow your business to achieve what it wants in the future.

Our aim is to;

  • Make it easy for you
  • Get a decision on funding options for you quicker than our peers
  • Be innovative and proactive in what we suggest
  • Do things the right way, be clear, concise and open about everything

Have a look at our short video at the end of the page as it sums up what we are about.

Why We Succeed

With over 20 years commercial, corporate and small business level experience, we are uniquely placed to assist you in getting the right business finance in place for you. This is backed up by our award winning service which has seen us named ‘Small Commercial Finance Specialist UK – 2013’ and ‘Boutique Finance Advisers – UK 2014’.

Working with the leading UK business lenders we have access to solutions not available independently. From Commercial Mortgages and Auction Finance to Property Loans, Crowdfunding and Equity Finance, we really do look at all business funding options.

Our understanding of credit approval processes mean we are able to match your business, its need to borrow, and the amount you need, with the lender who has the correct appetite to lend. This means you get the approval you want for your business really quickly and with a structure that really works.

The work we undertake ahead of applying for borrowing is key to ensuring success, encouraging you to look at your business from the lenders perspective and working with you to address any weaknesses. It is key we look not only at what you want, but what is best for your business.

We do not charge for a meeting and are happy to offer guidance free by phone or email.

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Business Finance Options

We always start with what is right for your business, how finance or funding is arranged comes from doing the right thing for your business at the right time for your business.

There are always funding options, finding the right option that works is what we do. If you want to find out a little more about what options may be available then get in touch, in the meantime try looking at;

The 1 Minute Video Introduction To Lime Commercial Finance Solutions


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