27 November 2014

Major Success For Lime Consultancy

Major Success For Lime Consultancy

November has seen a couple of great things happen for us here at Lime Consultancy. It could also be a chance to provide our clients with even more experience, knowledge and connections.

Brighton University Green Growth Platform

Green Growth Platform Logo

We are delighted to have had our tender to provide commercial finance advice for businesses on Brighton University’s Green Growth Platform. We can now look forward to working with high growth and green focused businesses across Sussex. This fits into our green energy finance and other green commercial finance lines.

The University are aiming to attract 1,000 businesses from across the UK into the scheme. The aim is to provide an incubator to develop new products, grow ideas and access advice that is funded through the University.

To be part of the Green Growth Platform is something we are delighted with and really look forward to working with Brighton University throughout 2015 and beyond.

RBS Small Business Research

RBS LogoThis month we were approached by a journalist contracted by RBS to produce an article and research on why SMEs (particularly small & medium businesses) were reluctant to apply or not being approved by their bank.

The article will be interesting to read as it is uncommon for a bank to seek external opinion. The normal stance is for a bank to look at why they are declining loans then see this as the reason why businesses are being declined. Normally this would make sense, but the problem is a little further removed. Credit to RBS for taking things a step further.

For a long time we have published advice on why business loans get declined, why businesses fail to secure borrowing and what a company should be doing before applying. It is great to see some of this information filtering through and to know someone out there is taking notice!

The article should be out in January and we hope to share this with our contacts and clients as part of our February newsletter. If you want to be on the list then please click to subscribe.

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