Manor Royal Know Your Neighbour Event

Manor Royal Know Your Neighbour Event

Great to meet last week.

We were delighted to exhibit at the 2014 Manor Royal ‘Know Your Neighbour Event’.

The day was busy and it was great to exhibit alongside the best local small businesses and the larger stalwarts of the Crawley business community.

For anyone who we

didn’t get to say hello to or get a chance to meet, then our 60 second intro video tells you what we do.

For everyone we did meet, it would be great to know what you thought of our stand and if you have any suggestions on following up after an event.

Commercial Finance Offers

Normally we charge an appraisal fee to review any funding need, or any existing finance a business has. We have completely waived this cost for anyone we met at the show, or introduced through the show.

We can often find savings on your finance costs, or find you a better deal for you. No harm in finding out.

The Intro Video

Please take a look at our video, it is only 60 seconds…

Dave Farmer

By Dave Farmer

Crawley Business Show



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