6 February 2023

Meet The Team

Lime finance solutions meet the teamWhen the world of finance is becoming ever more automated and algorithm driven, we remain a team of individual human beings willing to talk and find solutions, we think of it as being the way things should be.

The Team

dave farmer

David Farmer

David Farmer founded Lime Finance Solutions as Lime Consultancy in 2012. David has a background of managing commercial credit, underwriting borrowing and sourcing simple solutions to complex financing needs.

With over 30 years finance experience and a unique blend of experiences, David brings thinking and consideration to client financing needs that are rarely seen elsewhere.

Having worked for a leading global bank, David has also provided input to Bank of England research, the Parliamentary Review at House of Commons, the FCA, Sunday Telegraph and Sky TV as well as various commentary to business publications.

Outside of work, David enjoys golf, paddleboarding, dog walking and has a penchant for a good curry.


elena leach


Elena Leach

Elena brings a different perspective to Lime. Coming from a background in education and child services, Elena supports clients in getting their finance in place quicker and with less hassle.

Multilingual and highly academically qualified, Elena brings a drive that our clients love. If you wonder who it is chasing your solicitor, agent, accountant or the lender to get your deal completed, Elena is that person.

Originally from near Kyiv, Elena enjoys music, gigs and spending time with her family.



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