19 August 2014

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Brokers Adding ValueMortgage Brokers

At Lime Consultancy we work in partnership with qualified and capable mortgage brokers. What we offer to mortgage brokers is a whole new offering to take with you.

Lime Consultancy do not do regulated lending, we do not do domestic or regulated mortgage lending. That is a specialist field we leave to you guys. Now more than ever, getting the right mortgage advice is essential for home buyers and home owners, we recognise that and as such know that the best residential mortgage advice comes from yourselves.

The Benefits of Working With Lime Consultancy

What we offer to you is the following. Think about these and then contact us if you fancy adding something extra to your portfolio;

  • You work with company owners, directors, sole traders etc. At the moment you do their residential mortgage borrowing but who looks after their business finance needs?
  • You understand working with partners, you do it with insurance brokers, tax advisers, IFAs, property agents etc. So how about adding commercial and business finance to that list?
  • We all know the client looks to you for the solution, expanding those solutions to their business as well as the home just sounds sensible, right?

The Basics of It

We do ask for some information from our mortgage broker partners, and will provide you with whatever your network or regulatory requirements ask. We also run a contact management system which tracks your clients so we can update you whenever you want, we also provide your client with complete clarity by;

  • Summarising why we have reached any conclusion or proposed the lender or funding source we have
  • Declare any commission that we may earn or be due

It is all about giving you the trust that we will treat your client with professionalism and provide the very best service.

If you fancy offering your clients something extra that other brokers don’t then please get in touch.