6 March 2017

Mortgage, Property & Development Lending

Mortgage, Property & Development Lending


Our mortgage, property and development lending options are wide and varied. We work with leading high street names, independent banks, niche lenders and specialists which are some of the reasons people say nice things about us.

Many of these lenders are only available via FCA authorised intermediaries such as Lime Consultancy. Plus we give loads of tips and help along the way.

Do any of these apply to you?

Are you looking to purchase property to refurbish and then let or sell?

 – Does the vendor want to complete quickly?

 – Do you want to purchase or remortgage commercial or semi-commercial property?

 – Buying for your own company to use or let out?

 – Are you purchasing offices, retail property, a care home or factories?

If any of the above applies to you, we can source the finance quickly and effectively, adapting to any challenges and structuring a bespoke lending solution just for you.

How We Help You

Any company purchase, whether commercial or semi-commercial property, or development, is more complex than standard mortgage finance and requires a much greater level of expertise. This is something we possess in abundance.

flowchart arrowWhat we do is far more involved and comprehensive than other brokers, and this means that we get things right first time to ensure that we secure you the best financial option.

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By understanding the type of property you are buying we can identify the lender with the right appetite and willingness to lend. This saves you time and means your credit report is protected from numerous searches which can make approval for lending even more difficult

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By identifying the costs of the purchase, your level of stake, the proposed level of income from any letting and how that letting income works means we can better demonstrate the affordability and better show the lender how your proposal really works for them

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We liaise with you, the lender, your accountant, estate agent, solicitor and anyone else involved in the transaction. This means less work for you and means everyone involved is aware of what is required to ensure completion for you

Realistic Costs

Everyone wants the best deal, that’s natural. But, sometimes the priority is not cost. You are doing things commercially; there is a cost benefit or profit to be made from borrowing. Chasing the lowest rate deal that was never going to succeed does not benefit anyone.

The more complex the property, the more variables that exist, the more considerations there are, and the more the cost of finance can vary. We always explain this to you so your expectations are realistic and you can make an educated decision on what to do. It is easy to look at headline rates but these rarely tell the story, headline rates are exactly that – headlines. We will provide you with the genuine costs to expect so you can budget correctly; we won’t mislead you with unrealistic interest rates.

Fast Decisions

We obtain an answer for you quickly, typically, within 48 hours of taking information from you we can provide an ‘agreement in principle’ (AIP). AIPs are easy to obtain; however, many come with so many caveats that they are not worth the piece of paper on which they are printed. Be assured that we do not and will not play that game, as it doesn’t help you or us- we vet all AIPs very carefully for our clients.

To give a flavour of how we achieve more, read on;

What We Do

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Internally underwrite the lending

We look at all aspects of the deal, the strengths and weaknesses, the complexities and the affordability. By doing this we know which lenders will and will not be agreeable to lend to you

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Present your information in a way lenders prefer

We provide lenders with the whole story, warts and all. Because we do this lenders enjoy working with us and provide us with greater flexibility, better rates and preferential terms

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Use technology to create speed

We work using scanned copies of documents which we upload to our lenders. This makes the process quicker. We communicate with you by phone, email or SMS text. By communication quickly we avoid delays and get things done quicker than other brokers


By doing what we do we only obtain credible and reliable AIPs. This means that you have as much certainty as possible with the only standard caveat being subject to valuation. A strong AIP allows you to better negotiate a purchase and provides you with the certainty you want before you spend on legal costs

What Next?

If this sounds like the professional, speedy and honest approach you are looking for, then let’s work together. Our case studies and testimonials are available and we are always happy to talk through any proposal.

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