6 March 2017

Mortgage, Property & Development Lending

mortgage property development lendingMortgage, Property & Development Lending

The first thing to note – we can never explain or give the details you really want on a published web page, it is always easier to talk. Scroll down for the contact option, talking things through can be so much more helpful to both of us. We are always happy to just talk and chat things through.

Our mortgage, property and development lending options are wide and varied. We work with leading high street names, independent banks, niche lenders and true sector specialists.

Many of these lenders are only available via FCA authorised intermediaries such as Lime Consultancy. Plus we give loads of tips and help along the way.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You looking to purchase property to refurbish and then let or sell
  • The vendor want to complete quickly
  • You want to purchase or remortgage commercial or semi-commercial property
  • You are buying for your own company to use or let out
  • You purchasing offices, retail property, a care home, factory or warehouse
  • You are a developer and have found property or land to develop

If any of the above applies to you, we can source the finance quickly and effectively, adapting to any challenges and structuring a bespoke lending solution just for you.

What’s more, because we help raise finance for trading businesses we have a better understanding of the wider issues and needs when it comes to financing property.

How We Help You

Any company purchase, whether commercial or semi-commercial property, or development, is more complex than standard mortgage finance and requires a much greater level of expertise. This is something we possess in abundance.

What we do is far more involved and comprehensive than other brokers. By understanding the type of property you are buying we can identify the lender with the right appetite and willingness to lend.

This saves you time and means your credit report is protected from numerous searches making approval for lending easier.

We liaise with you, the lender, your accountant, estate agent, solicitor and anyone else involved in the transaction. This means less work for you and a quicker completion.

fast decisions lendingFast Decisions

We obtain an answer for you quickly, typically, within 48 hours of taking information from you we can provide an ‘agreement in principle’ (AIP). AIPs are easy to obtain; however, many come with so many caveats that they are not worth the piece of paper on which they are printed. Be assured that we do not and will not play that game, as it doesn’t help you or us- we vet all AIPs very carefully for our clients.

What Next?

If this sounds like the professional, speedy and honest approach you are looking for, then let’s work together. Our case studies and testimonials are available and we are always happy to talk through any proposal.


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