Nobody knows it all

We all know our own field of expertise, after all that is why each of us do what we do.

What never ceases to surprise is the ‘my mate says’ mentality where even the most profound and qualified person will listen to someone they know, rather than some who actually knows.

Today the Lime team met with a specialist career and personal development consultant. As experienced networkers we all thought we had a pretty good grip of how to self promote and present yourself to others.

However, no matter how much you think you know there is always a nugget of information that makes the difference, even if it is that one little thing that makes you think ‘Got it! I’ll use that next time!’.

We believe that seeking professional input from someone outside of your field is a sign of success, and seeking input from someone inside of your field can be even more enlightening.

If you have any plans to raise finance, expand, or sell your business then please get in touch, sometimes there is a little nugget of information that we can provide that will make all the difference.

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