Are On-Line Retailers Going All High Street?

on-line retailersOn-line retailers have been the success story of the retailing world for some time now, with the growing retailers being Amazon, Ebay,,, the list goes on.

Many people are linking this growth to the deluge of empty shops on the high street, falling high street sales and that many proven names have been seen to struggle. Read, HMV, Republic, JJB etc.

So What Is Happening?

There have been rumblings abound of on-line retailers muting the prospect of joining the high street.

We picked up a quote from Richard Moross CEO of, he said;

‘…we found people at trade shows and conferences love seeing the products, touching them and getting excited about them. This is what led us to make the decision to open our first shop this year. We wanted to create an inspiring environment where people could come and experience our products and physically engage…’

So does this dispel the myth that you can only be on-line or off-line? Maybe. What it does show is that having an online presence can only be part of a larger strategy.

This applies to SMEs as well as major brands.

Small businesses that sell from premises need to have a complimentary presence on-line, one which matches their high street profile.

If we were to look at HMV, then ask yourself where you buy their products in the on-line world. Would you go to, maybe to Amazon, Cdwow or So why not to HMV’s own site.

There is a theory here that they are seen as a high street retailer rather than on-line. In practice they would probably say they sit in both, but does that match customer perception?

So What?

In our very humble opinion retailers need to balance where they are. That means being on-line and off-line, and it means being perceived as both.

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By Dave Farmer

– Reference – Guardian

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