18 August 2014

Partner Zones

Partners We Love

Partners are key to our business. Working in collaboration with other professionals is where we really add value, it is also why we have created dedicated resources for our professional affiliates and contacts to use.

Much of what we do is complimentary to other professions, it fits nicely with what accountants, mortgage brokers and IFAs do for their clients. We also tie in with commercial property agents, surveyors, estate agents and business coaches to name a few.

If you are part of any of these sectors and would like to see how we can add something new to your offering, or how we can help you offer your clients more than your peer competitors then please give Dave Farmer a call on 01293 541333, email info@limeconsultancy.net or use our contact page to get in touch.

If you are unsure then think like this;

If you had a reputation as the ‘Go To’ person for when your clients needed commercial funding, how much more business would you do as a result?

We can make you that person and help you win more business because of it.

What We Do

If you want to see some examples of what we do then take a look at our Case Studies or see our testimonials on Bizratings or Google+.

You can also download our latest product summary guide. This guide is written for fellow professionals rather than as a client facing document. It provides an overview of some of things we do and is a nice memory jogger. Commercial Lending – Full Brochure