Does Personal Appearance Matter?

Does Personal Appearance Matter?

Thank you to Sandra Collins for this guest blog article. Sandra’s take on business and what a business owner should be doing is completely different from our perspective, in this way it compliments really well. So, does personal appearance in business really matter?

Does It Really Matter?

My view is that it is one of the most important pieces of marketing that you will ever use! You are your business!

Yes of course you need to have the skills to do a great job and to deliver on promises, but personal impression and impact can make a huge difference to your success when meeting new and existing clients. People buy people and first impressions count, it only takes 7 seconds to make that first impression – little or no time to speak!

So does your appearance show that:

  • You care for yourself
  • You care for your business
  • You will care for your customers and clients

These 3 points are all linked….

By taking care of your appearance, linking it to how you do business and the image you want to create for your business your clients will:

  • Believe that if you take care of yourself you are more likely to take care of the business you do for them
  • Get the right messages – the ones you want to send
  • Get to know the ‘Real You’ – therefore building better relationships
  • Have more confidence in the ‘You’ they are buying from and dealing with

How can you ensure that your personal impact can work for you and your business Know yourself!

  • Who are you? Understand your personality (we all think we do, but do we really?)
  • If you are more introverted (thoughtful, maybe take time to respond) or more extroverted (get you energy from interacting with other) do you show this in what you wear? Do people get a sense of how to approach you?
  • What about if you have a creative personality? Do you use colour or style to express this? How about using interesting details
  • For someone who is a people person wearing colours which are great for communication will help build those all-important relationships.
  • If you are a feet on the ground, logical practical person, showing your efficiency and order in a well put together style wills end the right messages to your clients.

Know your client

Be a Chameleon with ‘style’

  • Research your client to understand their culture and dress code
  • Adapt your personal style. But don’t lose your personality
  • Always dress just one step above the client’s dress code – it will show you have made an effort!
  • Never overdress though – it may be intimidating. People like people like them, overdress and they may think you don’t understand their culture.

Grooming is vital!

It doesn’t matter what you wear if you haven’t thought about personal grooming. This includes:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Well cared for hands and nails
  • Neat or well styled clean hair
  • Well cared for clothes – ironed, no missing buttons or dropped hemlines etc.
  • Clean shoes
  • Good quality accessories
  • A reasonable quality pen – not a ‘Bic’
  • A tidy writing pad or folder if appropriate – no scraps of paper
  • Leave the plastic carrier bags and tatty ruck sacks at home
  • Don’t forget the umbrella in bad weather – the ‘wet look’ doesn’t really work!

These are all suggestions and guidelines, what really matters is that you think about how you want to present yourself, who you are and what your customers and clients expect and then dress well to meet that need.

For some people this come naturally, for others it helps to get a little advice.

By Sandra Collins

If you have any comments about this post then please add them above, or contact us via the website. We love working with complimentary businesses to deliver our clients even more, it fits nicely with our business solutions. Any feedback on our guest blog posts is always appreciated.


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