Point of Sale Finance

point of sale financeSale Finance – Another term for your buyer using finance to complete their purchase from you.

Explain More!

You go into Comet, poor example, you go into PCWorld and want to buy a new LED TV, perhaps add on that Bose surround sound system, really go for that full cinema experience.

You are speaking the salesperson and the subject of sale finance comes up, in other words would you like to make paying for your goods even easier Mr Customer?

Depending on the deal the answer will either be yes or no. OK, there are some other considerations and thoughts but let’s keep it simple.

Sale finance means that the customer has another option, and a reason not to buy has been removed. It also gives the retailer a chance to up the sale given price is a little less of an issue.

The Independent Retailer

If you are new, just starting out, or don’t have the clout of PCWorld then how do you compete?

The answer is you can. By taking good business advice you can open yourself up to opportunities you may not have been aware of previously. Sale finance is not the reserve of the large corporate, it is an option for anyone


There are always a few. However, if we were to take those conditions away and make it really easy for you would that make life simpler? We can provide everything you need to know, manage and implement everything.

This means you can offer sale finance, start upselling and compete on a more even footing with the big boys.

This type of solution suits most retail businesses, not just electronics, so make sure you consider sale finance as an option.

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