The Benefits of Print in an Electronic Age

promotion house printersI am often asked where is the place for the printed word in the electronic age? If you look at it logically there is no reason why 90% of written communication shouldn’t be in an electronic form!

Think of the saving in paper, energy, time and resources.

Then think how bland, how boring life would be, a colourless wasteland of mega bytes and pixels.

You need to get about and so you buy a car, do you buy the best value utilitarian vehicle you can find, shunning fancy wheels or CD System and why have Air-Con which uses lots of energy, there’s nothing wrong with windows after all?

Don’t like the analogy? OK, why bother with fancy food with namby pamby sauces? A bit of grilled meat and a couple of boiled veg works just as well! Or come to that why not just take protein pills and fibre tablets?

But it goes further than that why have a fancy house or cloths and huge TV? The basic ones do the job!

Does the job…. it’s logical but cold. The human condition aspires to be more than the some of its genes, it is our aspirations that made us crawl out of the primeval swamp, it that makes us strive for the stars, it’s what makes humanity great.

It is all about quality of life, not just existence, it’s about those intangible things called feelings, the feeling you get from familiarity, the warm feeling of knowing something intimately remembering the pleasure it gave you. The tactile nature of paper, a living thing.

So the question is… is the feeling you get from seeing the ‘Mona Lisa’ the same on canvas and oil paint or will seeing it on your I-Pad suffice?

Do you want to be able to thumb through a brochure at your leisure regardless of battery life?
Share the sum of human intellect and know that regardless of any technological disaster the book that you read as a child will be passed down to your grandchildren’s, grandchildren? I was going to pass my Beta max video and tapes down to my grandchildren I probably won’t bother now, will the same apply to your I-Pad?

So my conclusion from all of the above is there will always be a place for the printed word, if not for reasons or quality of life then if for no other reason…. you can’t lay in the bath with your toe stuck up the tap with a lap top, you can with a book!

By Peter Bolton, Promotion House Printers, Edenbridge

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