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Running any small business is a juggling act of many tasks all requiring your attention at once. You need to be a master of all trades and retain a broad knowledge just about everything, after all who else can do it?

The challenge comes when everything appears to be a priority, what do you do? What is the biggest priority and where should your attention be?

To help clear the waters here are my priorities when running a small business;

Write Down Your Priorities

This is something that I commonly encourage and have covered in the five minute business plan before. It may sound trite but it is seriously effective. List your priorities for the coming week or month, then the longer term things. Beside each priority put a completion date, this way you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and something to measure progress by.

As your business grows and the number of distractions increase then having a list of priorities will help keep you focused and on track. It goes without saying that you need to update your business priorities and mark them off when complete.

Core Business & Income

An efficient, well run and well managed business will fail if it stops concentrating on what drives the income. Managing the ancillary things and control the expenses is fine, but if you fail to concentrate on your core business and income generation then it will fail.

There should be few things that are more important than your core business tasks, if something is more important then it needs to essential, question whether it really is that important.


There will be tasks that need completing, things that need to be done. If you find yourself needing to complete these tasks instead of driving sales or promoting your business then they should be outsourced.

The main resistance to outsourcing in a small business is cost. It is cheaper to do it yourself. However you need to ask;

– If I wasn’t doing this then could I be doing something more productive?

You will not be able to outsource the core business activities, the person who pushes and promotes the best will always be you. Therefore, get more time to do this by outsourcing the things that are eating your time and not generating a benefit.

By Dave Farmer

Dave Farmer is the founder of Lime Consultancy. If you have any comments about this post then please add them above or contact Lime Consultancy directly via the website.

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