14 September 2015

Professional Fee Finance

Professional Fee Finance

A unique offering for Accountants and Solicitors from a leading UK niche commercial lender.

What is Professional Fee Finance?

Also known as fee plan funding or fee finance this effective form of short-term finance is an ideal vehicle to help accountants and solicitors collect their fees in full while offering clients a flexible monthly repayment option.

You can use the facility to fund work completed, work with agreed invoice values, project work and for aged debts.

Through our dedicated lender, we provide accountants and solicitors with the UK’s most efficient fee finance solution by guaranteeing payment of all fees in full within 5-days. This efficient payment cycle will significantly improve your own practice cash-flow.

What are the main benefits to the practice?

The primary benefit to the practice is that the fee funder will agree to settle 100% of the invoiced fee within an agreed timescale. It can help secure much needed new working capital by unlocking cash tied up in unpaid invoices.

The lender will guarantee full payment of your fee by electronic transfer within 5-days of submission. This payment cycle is the quickest solution available in the fee finance marketplace.

The facility will create an immediate and positive improvement to your own practice cash-flow. It will reduce your own borrowing, improve on administration and enhance procedures within the credit control area.

What are the main benefits for the client?

By recommending that a client uses an external fee finance provider, your client can correctly manage their cash-flow and attribute appropriate funds on a monthly basis to one of their business-critical services; You !

By making regular affordable monthly payments, it also breeds improved payment behaviour for relationship longevity and can generate additional and new instructions. Repayment options of 2 – 10-months are available.

It will also allow your client to manage their own cash flow wisely and to remain competitive in their respective business sector by having sufficient cash to trade efficiently and profitably.

If you would like to discuss this Professional Fee Finance solution, then please contact us on 01293 541333 or complete the enquiry form below and we will get straight back to you;


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