6 March 2017

Real Case Studies

Sample Case Studies

These are a few examples of lending we have completed. These have been chosen as they show the broad variety of the proposals we work really well with. We also publish our testimonials so you can see what our partners, clients and lenders say about us.


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Here are some of the older cases, just in case…

Mortgage of freehold property of 6 separate flats – February 2020

freehold property 6 flats mortgage

A property owner with a converted care home now consisting of 6 flats on one single freehold title. There were several planning, building regulation and warranty issues with the property, all as a result of changes to the title. The client wanted to release capital against the property to enable the next property acquisition.

Growth finance arranged and completed inside 60 hours – January 2020

An established technology company providing stock management systems to leading retailers and wholesalers needed to further develop its product offering. The business also needed to evolve its software to integrate with the latest applications and platforms. A total of £30k was arranged and completed with the interest rate reduced following our negotiation with the lender.Unsecured growth finance established business

Purchase of mixed-use commercial property – December 2019

An experienced landlord wanted to expand their portfolio by purchasing a freehold semi-commercial property that was adjacent to an existing owned unit. The client wanted the option of using the ground floor commercial space for their own use. At time of purchase, the commercial unit and flat above were both let out. The priority for the client was to obtain the maximum possible lending and have an option to let the units. Previous brokers had struggled with the commercial unit being a takeaway with a flat above. Some lenders have issues with flats above food or takeaway outlets. We obtained 100% of the purchase price on a 5 year fixed rate with interest-only payments.

Case Study Freeholder Issue Nov19-page-001

Unsecured Business Loan – November 2019

A leading industry specific publication wanted to raise capital to effect a management buy out.
The MBO was an issue for some lenders with the directors not wishing to secure the borrowing against personal property, which was a requirement of their bank loan offer. We worked through the company financials with their accountant and obtained a loan offer for the client on terms acceptable to them. To improve the loan offer we used our influence with the lender to obtain a reduction in the offered loan interest rate, this meant we provided the client with a lower cost unsecured loan than their bank offered with security. All loan documents were issued by email and returned using our website document upload platform.

Case Study Unsecured Loan Nov19-page-001

Listed Property Mortgage – April 2019

Client needed to remortgage a buy to let property and inject capital into their business. The property was Grade II* listed which is something many lenders dislike.

listed property mortgage case study







Debt consolidation for trading business – March 2019

An established photography and video production company had used credit cards to fund growth. Subsequent pressure on cash flow and pressure from other lenders meant the client had to consolidate quickly.

photographer finance restructure







Factory Purchase – February 2019

Purchase of a factory where the client operated from. Landlord was selling the freehold with client coming to end of lease. Client had to purchase to avoid being evicted on lease expiry.

factory purchase commercial mortgage







Freehold Commercial Purchase for Café – February 2019

A trading business had the opportunity to purchase their premises. The financial accounts were a challenge and the property set-up was not straightforward. Finance agreed and purchase completed.

case studies company borrowing







Finance to Repay HMRC Arrears – January 2019

Company with HMRC arrears and under pressure from the taxman. Finance agreed and put in place within 24 hours.

case studies company borrowing







Below Market Value Purchase – Mortgage To Avoid Repossession – November 2018

One of our more complex cases, repaying a distressed lender and avoiding a property being repossessed via full refinance into a company mortgage.

case studies company borrowing







Student Buy to Let Mortgage – September 2018

Finance arranged to purchase a property for use as an HMO student let. Complex issues and needs of the client, tailored finance solution agree.

case studies company borrowing







Office Purchase – August 2018

Expanding design company found premises they wanted to purchase and move into. Quick decision required with confirmation needed for agents and vendor.

case studies company borrowing



Bespoke Company Finance – November 2017

A growing compost supplier needed to move premises to manage demand. The client had specific needs and requirements of the finance which required a different approach.

case studies company borrowing



Company Buy To Let – Short Leasehold – December 2017

A limited company owned a residential buy to let where the lease length had run down. The current mortgage had run out and needed to be refinanced with the short leasehold period causing an issue for the client.

case studies company borrowing



Convenience Store Finance – October 2017

A recently redeveloped convenience store required further finance to complete works and release cash back to family investors. The case was not straightforward and required expertise to complete.

case studies company borrowing





Finance of Tax – Oct 2017

A growing film production company had an order book which was ever expanding but had a legacy tax liability that needed to be cleared, as is often the case raising the finance was time critical.

case studies company borrowing







Tax Loan – May 2017

This case was introduced by an accountant who had a client with a pressing tax obligation. Funds were needed inside 4 days with timescales being a priority for the borrower.

case studies company borrowing



Complex Commercial Property Development – April 2017

This client ran a business and charity from premises in North London. The owners had a freehold commercial unit which they wanted to develop into a new office, cafe and community meeting space. Issues with the condition of the building, the ownership and the future use had been barriers for previous brokers.

case studies company borrowing

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