The Real Reason Banks Decline Loans

Bank Loan DeclinedThe Real Reason Banks Decline Business Loans

For the majority of businesses the main reason they are declined bank finance is never truly understood, it is vaguely concealed in a broad explanation that never really feels justified or right.

The reason this happens is that your bank wants to keep you as a client. They have also never run a business in the big bad world and genuinely, with the very best of intentions, do not understand what it is like running your own company.

The other part that always confuses things is that you are hearing the decline reason from a third party. The lending decision is made by a credit underwriter, the decision is being communicated by your local manager.

The Popular Reasons – Not

When clients tell us the story of being declined a business loan then it is normally for one of the reasons below, all of which are not the real reason;

  • Poor business plan
  • Bank doesn’t understand my business
  • Lack of security
  • Doubts over future performance

All sound fairly feasible but the main reason is missed.

The Real Real Reason Why Banks Decline Loans

Put simply, they probably don’t want your business. Don’t take this to heart, it is nothing personal and actually has a basis with some justification.

Take the world cup. How many people were (or still are) calling for wholesale changes in the England team because they failed? Banks are little different. They have a bad experience and then want nothing to do with what caused it, it is wholesale change.

After a bad experience the banks want to be selective. It is this reason they probably don’t want your business, nothing personal, nothing derogatory, just the way it is.

How To Change It

There is an analogy that says ‘don’t go to the butcher to buy bread’. If your bank doesn’t have an appetite to lend to you then shop elsewhere. There are lenders out there who will lend to you if the proposal stacks up. It is just that they may not be your bank.

If you want to know what proposals suit what banks, or where to find the right finance for your business then give us a call on 01293 541333 and we will let you know. Don’t do the hard work yourself when we will do it for you.

By Dave Farmer

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