Really Simple Ideas

We talk to many businesses who operate in many different fields, what we find really interesting are the innovative ways people have of operating or promoting their business.

In many cases these are generated from chatting through ideas, bouncing suggestions around with us, and seeing that chink of inspiration.

Below is a short list of some of the ideas we thought were great, it shows how talking through an idea with someone can generate solutions you may never have previously thought of.

The Plumber

We were talking with a plumbing contractor who felt he wasn’t getting enough repeat business even though his customers were happy with his work. A little research showed that the main reason was his customers did not have his details to hand next time they needed him, even though he always left his card behind.

He now no longer leaves a business card. Instead he has personalised buckets with his phone number on. The customer always remembers where the bucket is, and if you have a leak then they get the bucket and hey presto! There is his number.

The Roofer

Trust with tradesmen is always a concern. This roofer was a genuine and honest tradesman, his issue was that not everyone in his industry was like him.

Operating on a roof meant he could not always show his clients the work that needed doing. He now films the work required, quotes for the job and emails the film to the client along with the quote. They then have something tangible to refer to and show anyone else, this way he can show what needs doing and why, it also shows each job is 100% genuine. In addition a film is taken of the finished work and provided with the invoice.

His customer’s love this approach, it has also allowed him to win work without having to be the cheapest quote.

Managing Director

This MD approached us to seek an increase in the company’s overdraft. The underlying issue was that debts were not being chased quickly enough.

We asked for an ‘Aged Debtors’ report which lists what is owed by who. The MD advised us that his bookeeper would print it out for us.

Our response was to give that print to the MD who carries it with him. Now when a customer calls he will check his report and gently remind the client of what they owe, through this he can chase payment in a nice way. Money is now being received far quicker as a result.

Since this time the MD now has the report on his blackberry.

University Lecturer

Not our normal field but we loved this idea.

Attendance numbers at this particular ‘voluntary’ seminar were down, despite attempts to encourage greater attendance nothing seemed to be working. Invitations were sent by email, postcard, on noticeboards and intranet sites.

Our discussion focused around offering a carrot for attendence, which is exactly what happened.

The next seminar invite was sent out attached to a real carrot, the invite read that it was decided necessary to offer a carrot to increase attendance. It is not often you receive an invite attached to a root vegetable.

Attendance at this seminar was an all time high…


These are just a taster of the good ideas we see, if you want to know how we can help your business then please get in touch.

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