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Restaurant finance can be challenging as more and more high street banks place the restaurant sector into a ‘non-preferred’ industry segment.

The restaurant sector is one which has seen much change and fluctuation during the course of this recession. There have been a number of operators fail, but that does not mean the sector is in terminal decline, rather we are increasingly seeing new success stories.

The issue for restaurant loans now is that there is always a lag between the sector beginning to settle and the banks opening their doors to the industry. The real issue is that during this time there are great opportunities for companies to expand, take on new outlets and grow as competition falls away. This gives good operators the chance to expand into primary locations at lower cost.

This brings us back round to the level of appetite for restaurant loans not matching the demand in the industry.

Lime Consultancy have worked in this sector for many years and it is a sector we both like and have some expertise.

Restaurant loans are available, you just need to know who has an appetite for them and whether their terms suit your needs.

We have created a short animation based on one of our client’s recent experience.


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