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business networkingBusiness Networking

Everyone likes to promote their business, so what better way of doing that than joining a group of likeminded business people.

The 4N meeting at Edenbridge has settled into the new venue, an improved breakfast with several different options is on offer and a few laughs are guaranteed. This week we even saw two 40 second presentations being sung, badly…

The best part about networking is being able to follow up on the contacts made, remember that meeting at a business networking event is one thing, but to get real value you need to be following up on the contacts made.

With 4N, the easiest way to do this is to look up people on the forum and send a message. With the forum in mind, make sure your profile is up to date and you state what you do, what you want and who you would like to meet very clearly.

Business Networking Tips

If you are coming over to 4N Edenbridge again and want to make full use of

 your 1-2-1’s then think about this;

  • Work on your 40 second pitch, make it memorable. Memorable for the wrong reason is just as good
  • If you want to know who is attending before you arrive then please ask, this can help you plan who you want to 1-2-1 with
  • If you find a particular business sector works well for you, then ask for more contacts using the 4N forum, you will get responses

The Next 4N Business Networking Edenbridge

Next time out is Good Friday, so we roll on to the 2nd May.

Please get on the 4N forum and make best use of it, remember your free 4N days if you want some free business networking.

Any comments about this article then please add them below, or contact Lime Consultancy direct here.

By Dave Farmer

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  • without using the internet to check answers ot the question “which Beatles song were the top 5 in US billboard 100 on 4 april 1964, I’m only fairly sure of ‘Cant buy me love’ and ‘I want to hold your hand’…so I’m putting those forward and therefore not cheating!
    I did think of ringing my big brother and asking him as that wouldnt really be cheatign, just flexing the rules ;-]


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