Sales Strategy – What Is Your Strategy?

Sales StrategySales Strategy.

Keep reading, the interesting part comes in a minute…

This is a concept that is often misunderstood or ignored by small businesses. So let us first establish what a sales strategy is.

In very basic terms;

  1. It is how you will sell your product/service
  2. It is how you will find who to sell to

It sounds pretty straightforward? It is and it isn’t.

The Interesting Part

Wayne Gould. Probably not a name you would know. But, there is a story here that could change how you see your sales strategy.

Let’s go. The story goes something like this;

A retired former Hong Kong judge, Wayne Gould purchased a book of Sudoku puzzles in a Tokyo sometime during 1997. He loved it and then spent several years writing and perfecting a computer program that could create new Sudoku puzzles.

After finishing the program in 2004 he began to offer the puzzles to newspapers, which included The Times.

The sales strategy was to give the Sudoku puzzles away. Yes, give them away. Newspapers would be allowed to print his puzzles for free. His only request was that alongside the Sudoku puzzles, the newspaper included the details of his website (which held solutions to the puzzles and sold his other Sudoku books).

Sudoku became the worldwide craze it now is, and Wayne Gould sold millions of his books.

The Strategy

In this case the strategy was to give the product away and sell connected items, rather than sell the actual core product.

Brave, daft, or inspired. Probably the latter, but whatever you call it the sales strategy in place was a complete success.

The question is, what is your sales strategy?

By David Farmer

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