Small Business Strategy – The Mountaineers Story

Small Business StrategySmall Business Strategy

What is a small business strategy? It is about making decisions that impact where the business is going, it is about unemotional decisions that fundamentally change the direction of your business.

Why Do I Need A Small Business Strategy?

You wouldn’t drive a car without a steering wheel. Well, maybe you would but you pretty much guarantee a crash on the first bend.

Many small businesses run on a day to day basis, fair enough. However, at some stage you will need to look longer term to ensure there will be future day to day matters to think about.

The Mountaineers Story

This was an analogy used by James Mason at Fifth Element. To quote Victor Kiam, we liked it so much  we bought the company we decided to use it ourselves!

A mountaineer is climbing up Everest. The weather starts to close in and get worse. The equipment he has is OK, but the climb is about to get steeper and more treacherous.

Does he carry on regardless because he really wants to reach the top or stop and take stock of where he is?

The answer is that only the mountaineer that stops will grow old.

Climbing Your Mountain

All small businesses will have obstacles and face challenges they have not previously encountered. Sometimes the climb is steeper and harder than first thought.

Have a small business strategy will help identify these future challenges. It will ensure you have some equipment in the locker to work around these issues.

More importantly, it will help you stop and take stock. Running head on is brave, but it also leaves you exposed and means a small obstacle could create massive problems.

Bottom line, be the mountaineer that stops and grows old. Take on the climb another day when the weather is clear and your equipment fully loaded.

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By David Farmer

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