Social Media – It Helps With Business Loans

Business Loans - Social MediaBusiness Loans, Social Media Can Help

Business loans are one thing, social media another. So how do the two have any bearing on the other?

Let me explain…

Google Me

What is the first thing you do when you want to know something? Answer is to Google it. We all do it. You want to know more about someone, google them. More about a product, google it.

You get the message.

So what does a lender do when they receive your business loan application? That’s right, they google you.

The next question is ‘what do they find?’. Undoubtedly you have told the lender just how capable you are, how you market your business and are up to speed with the latest initiatives.

So, when the commercial lender googles you does what they find match up with what you have said?

The Business Loan On-Line No No’s

Just make sure that you have a presence on social media, that it is up to date and says what you want it to say. Based on real examples, these are classic no no’s;

  • Avoid drunken pictures of you fallen over in the gutter when you have just told the commercial bank you are a responsible professional
  • Avoid having a website that was last updated 2 years ago, whilst at the same time telling the bank that you will be getting new business leads from same website
  • Linkedin. Professionals use Linkedin. If you are not using Linkedin then are you really the same professional that you say you are? Get a profile and get some connections. A profile which does not match what you say about yourself always casts doubt

First Impressions For Your Business Loan

Remember what people say about first impressions? Regardless of what each of us may say, we all judge people based on first impressions.

But, where does your first impression occur? The answer is not face to face, it happens via your on-line presence. Bear in mind that a dodgy picture, badly worded profile and a few drunken pictures from last Saturday night all make for that first impression.

Don’t avoid social media for fun, but get your privacy right and get your public facing front in tip-top shape.

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By David Farmer