Starlight Foundation

Starlight Foundation

Starlight Foundation

We are part of The NACFB. At our annual dinner this year there were the normal speakers, all very good. Then came Starlight Foundation who were our charity partner for this year’s event.

I have no hesitation in saying that in 15 short minutes my level of admiration for this charity went through the roof. Very quickly my bottle of Asahi was put down and replaced by wiping tears from my eyes. As a father the stories the charity told were heart rendering and I challenge anyone not to have listened in awe.

It would be almost trite to try and say what the charity does, or repeat some of their stories, but there was one story that got me, about an 8 year old boy whose wish was to be soldier. On his birthday Starlight took his family to a hotel in York. That evening a Sergeant visited and gave the boy a made to measure uniform.

Thinking that was his wish fulfilled then imagine his surprise as the next morning two soldiers arrive to take him to the local army base. Asking him to get in his lift parked outside, he walked out to see a Challenger tank. They drove him to the playing fields in the tank, then flew him by helicopter to Catterick. That day they took him out in anything that moved, promoting him through the ranks as they went. The day finished with a birthday party in the mess which included a cake in the shape of a tank.

Fantastic stuff.

Four months later the young boy passed away. At his funeral the soldiers who met him turned up, carried him and gave him a guard of honour.

Way before this part of the story I had cried…

All I ask is that you take a look at what Starlight do, I ask nothing other than if you could share the message and see if we can make one small, tiny, incy wincy difference.

My plan is to spend some time in 2015 raising money and making a contribution to Starlight, so be prepared…

Stephen Fry Introduces Starlight 

Please have a look at what Starlight do, if nothing else then please share this page on your social media and help spread the word about this charity. I know only too well how many wonderful charities there are out there, I am not asking for cash, just a click of the mouse to raise some awareness.

Think of it as your Christmas present to me… (because you are all generous people…)

Tell Us What You Have Done

If you have done something amazing this year then please let us know about it, we really want to showcase the things that small businesses do to help others. Am asking nothing for it, no hidden agenda, no hidden cause, we just want to show what you guys do.

By Dave Farmer

Lime Consultancy are an award winning business finance specialist. We have the pleasure of working with some awesome businesses and meeting fantastic people. If you want to know more about what we do during the day then please get in touch or add your comments above.

Some of our work with sourcing funding for UK charities brings us into contact with people like Starlight, it is a perk of what we do. Please click through and take a look.


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