Start-Up Loans Scheme – Lime Get Government Backing!

We are absolutely delighted to be part of the Government initiative to get more UK small businesses up and running.

The scheme, fronted by former Dragons Den star and entrepreneur James Caan, is set up to help 18-30 year olds get funding to start up new businesses.

Whilst funding forms part of the package there is also ongoing mentoring to ensure that each new start-up benefits from working with someone who is there to support, coach and act as that ever vital voice of reason.

For us this is a community project where we can share our experiences and be part of the growing UK entrepreneurial culture. We also hope that some of the companies we work with will go on to great things and we can work them through this growth, but for now we cannot wait to get going!

What Next?

There are plans to expand the start-up loans scheme to entrepreneurs over 30, however how and when this will come into operation remains to be seen. For now, we are delighted to have been approved and look forward to seeing the start-up loans scheme expand throughout 2013 and 2014.

If you want to know more about the Start-Up Loans Scheme then please see the video on our blog (click here) add your comments above, or contact us via the website for more information.

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