Start-Up Loans Scheme Underway!

We have been involved with the government supported start-up loans scheme for a short while now and are delighted that our first mentored business has successfully raised finance through the scheme!

Now, we all like to take credit for things but in this case our involvement was slight, but we it proved to be the decisive point.

What Do You Do?

At Lime Consultancy we aim to help more young people into business through our voluntary involvement in the start-up loans company. We are an approved business mentor under this scheme, rather than an actual finance provider.

In this case we took a new business, advised on the content of the business plan and then put some structure and focus around what the business plan aimed to achieve.

In this case the business plan was all about securing government borrowing to start an innovative internet business. If you want to know more about this business then get in touch.

What Next?

As this business grows we will continue to support them. This is purely voluntary and forms part of our community commitment policy.

We hope that by utilising our contacts and experience we can help this and many more start-up businesses in and around Crawley.

If you are aged 18-30 and are thinking about starting up (start-up) in business then get in touch as we can help you obtain low cost government funding. We don’t charge for this service, we simply want some praise when you become the next Richard Branson!

The start-up loans company is a government supported initiative of which Lime Consultancy is a mentoring partner. For more information about this scheme please see our other blog post on the topic.

If you have any comments with regard the start-up loans scheme, or want more information about it then please add your comments above or contact us via the website.

By Dave Farmer

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