30 July 2018

Starter for 6 – The 2018 Snapshot Survey

2018 business surveyStarter for 6 survey

We want to get a snapshot view of how the business community is feeling.

The survey is 6 short questions and is purely your opinion on the commercial world and a few external issues. It is a snapshot view of your opinions as of right now.

The information we obtain will feed into our ‘Outlook 2019’ due out in December.

None of the information is used to spam or sell and the data is gathered in summary form only.

Your input and opinions are really appreciated.


6 Question 2018 Business Survey
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6 Question 2018 Business Survey
We want the UK business community opinions on a few commercial issues and a few external issues. This is about a snapshot view of opinions on both commercial concerns and other non-commercial events.
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Lime Consultancy
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