Success For Brighton Cafe Chain

A Long Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away


We have recently secured bespoke funding for one of Brighton’s leading independent cafe chains.

The Story So Far..

When a successful, profitable and well run business cannot secure finance you have to question why.

Normally the answer is that there is an underlying weakness in the business, or as we commonly find, that the business can simply not provide the security banks want, or that the proposal itself does not fit a set risk model.

This is the type of case we love, are fantastic at resolving, and allow us to take up the fight against the darkside. All this, and without any Jedi powers. We rely on knowledge, experience and expertise, so not all that different to our friend Yoda.

What We Did

We took the time to understand the need, understand the objective of the business and understand what variables we had to play with.

Using this information we were able to utilise our connections to find a lender suitable for the business, present the information in a format acceptable to the lender and take over the liaison between lender and the business.

The end result was that we secured £70k finance, unsecured, at a market leading Flat Rate of 5%, no intrusive covenants, and no requirement for valuations or regular accounting information.

We know traditional lending is difficult to obtain for business these days, however this proves it can be done, and on terms that are not restrictive.

If you want to know more about this case then please get in touch on 0844 682 1462, contact us via the website here, or leave your comments below.



May the force be with you…




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