Government Growth Vouchers Scheme

What Are Growth Vouchers The Government have several initiatives aimed at helping small businesses succeed. There is a real recognition by Government that small businesses need support, the surprising thing to many is just how many schemes there are available. Growth vouchers are available to most businesses in England and offer up to £2,000 of
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worst business plans ever

The Worst Business Plans Ever

The Worst Business Plans Ever Many years ago a client came to me with a proposal for designer clothing. Sounds OK so far. But this designer clothing range was for ferrets. That means ferrets walking around with diamonte collars, slogan t-shirts, even funky winter jackets. This may be the time to scoff, but out of
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RECoIL – The Business Growth Thinker

We use plenty of business growth models, all of which offer different positive and negative elements. The RECoIL model is one of the easiest to understand. It works on splitting your business into different areas then looking at factors within each. This is about ensuring you have the correct skills in place to achieve business
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