The Benefit of Business Plans

Business Plan, I remember having one of those when I first started… I cannot remember how many times we hear a quote like that. The real conundrum here is the question of what is a business plan? Not what it tangibly is, but what the point and benefit of it are to the business. Airfix
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Alternative Business Finance

Many of us have heard about ‘Crowd Funding’ or ‘Peer to Peer’ lending, but what are these really about, how do they work and are they the genuine article? The basics are that these sites put the depositor and lender together. Historically the depositor has put his (or hers) cash into the bank, who then
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What Do Banks Really Mean??

We often find clients asking us why they have been asked something by their bank, or being asked to provide something they have never been asked for previously. Here we try to shed a little light on things, and give you some insider information… Can I Have a Business Plan? Normally asked in conjunction with
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