Why Getting A Bank Loan Is Like Dating

Getting a Bank Loan or Dating? Businesses get turned down for finance, fact. What it doesn’t mean is that your business proposal or the business itself is wrong. Sometimes it just happens. There is a quote from Sahar Hashemi, co-founder of Coffee Republic; For me it’s a numbers game – you should almost notch up
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Understand Your Bank

The Bank Doesn’t Understand My Business Is this the most common line said about banks, especially in the last few years? Probably is if our straw poll is anything to go by. Why Don’t Banks Understand? The easy answer here is that the small business and the bank have very different views and a different
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The Dangers of On-Line FX Trading

Dangers of On-Line FX Trading What does this mean? Surely having an on-line platform to trade you currencies, book forward rates and options has to be a good thing, doesn’t it? Not necessarily the case and it can often generate more problems than it does provide solutions. On-Line FX Trading – Point One Most of
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Business Loan Flowchart

Simply having a business loan is not enough. You need to be able to understand what it contains, what it means and what risks it could present to your business. Too often businesses have loan facilities in place but are unaware of the conditions that sit hidden in the detail. Business Loan Example Recently I
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The Bank Doesn’t Understand Me

We try and explain the basics of why a banker doesn’t always understand the entrepreneur and vise-versa. To obtain business finance you need to have an appreciation for what the business banker thinks, it is unlikely the bank will change so to succeed you need to be understanding, sorry… The first in our series of
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