What Is Crowdfunding?

What Is Crowdfunding? With some analysts predicting business lending through crowdfunding in the UK could exceed £1bn by the end of 2015 then you really should be aware of what crowdfunding is. The Perfect Storm For Business Loans? They say that stress can be the best driver of innovation. As the recession took hold and
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Top Tips For Going From Salaried To Self Employed

Salaried To Self Employed Being self employed is a dream of many people, especially those in certain jobs! However, one of the biggest challenges when jumping that divide is managing going from being salaried to being self employed. Are we going to give you 10 top tips for managing the jump from salaried to being
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The Bank Doesn’t Understand Me

We try and explain the basics of why a banker doesn’t always understand the entrepreneur and vise-versa. To obtain business finance you need to have an appreciation for what the business banker thinks, it is unlikely the bank will change so to succeed you need to be understanding, sorry… The first in our series of
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