Demystifying the Difference Between Profit and Cash Flow

Demystifying the Difference Between Profit and Cash Flow

Demystifying the Difference Between Profit and Cash Flow Two essential metrics often cause confusion among business owners: profit and cash flow. While these terms may seem interchangeable, understanding their distinctions is crucial for making informed financial decisions and ensuring the sustainability of a business. Understanding the difference between each is critical when applying for business
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business lending misconceptions

Misconceptions About Business Finance

Not A Lot Of People Know That The best way to demystify a few misconceptions about business lending is to start by quoting Michael Caine. Whilst I can’t promise this will blow your blo*dy doors off, it may make you think a little differently. I Never Used To Use Amazon Roll the clock back 10
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lost in translation 2

More Lost in Translation

Lenders Don’t Understand My Business I have written previously about why borrowers and lenders see things very differently, it is a glass half full or glass half empty scenario. What makes things worse is that the narrative and language used by a borrower and a lender is often the same, but the meaning or intention
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lost in transalation 1

Lost In Translation

Why Lenders and Borrowers Fail to Understand Each Other Having been a credit underwriter and worked in the commercial lending sector it is easier to take a step back and look at what the lender hears when the borrower says something. I hear the message from my clients but a lender commonly hears something totally
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The Bank Doesn’t Understand Me

We try and explain the basics of why a banker doesn’t always understand the entrepreneur and vise-versa. To obtain business finance you need to have an appreciation for what the business banker thinks, it is unlikely the bank will change so to succeed you need to be understanding, sorry… The first in our series of
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