Does Personal Appearance Matter?

Does Personal Appearance Matter? Thank you to Sandra Collins for this guest blog article. Sandra’s take on business and what a business owner should be doing is completely different from our perspective, in this way it compliments really well. So, does personal appearance in business really matter? Does It Really Matter? My view is that
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Networking in Sussex, Surrey, Kent?

For the majority of small business owners, networking is a vital component of their wider marketing strategy. Networking is not just about promoting your wares, it is about building up connections, collaborative working arrangements and key partnerships. It is also about discussing your business with others and finding solutions to the challenges we all share.
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Tips To Improve Your Business – Part Three (Tax, VAT, HMRC)

There is a reason why we say that things are taxing, because tax is not easy, it is not necessarily fair and there is no easy way to understand company tax law. HMRC make the rules. You must obey the rules. Think of your regular football referee who mistakenly sends a player off, that player
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