how to mortgage a holiday let

How To Mortgage a Holiday Let

How To Mortgage a Holiday Let For mortgage purposes a holiday let is a property that is not your main residence, is not let out on a standard AST and is let for a short period by different occupants across the year. Holiday lets are an increasingly popular option for property investors, research by Suffolk
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non standard construction CO2 footprint

Non Standard Construction – The Next Mortgage Hurdle

Non Standard Construction We see this question all the time from lenders, ‘is the property of standard construction?’. Which begs the question of what is standard construction and what will standard construction be going forward? Plus, how do I mortgage a property that isn’t of standard construction? The key point here is that construction of
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The EPC Challenge Facing Buy To Let

The EPC Challenge Facing Buy To Let In 2015 the government introduced the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) requiring landlords to ensure that by 2025 all newly rented properties reach an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or above. This will extend to all rental properties by 2028. The big question is around how
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mortgage arrears statistics

The Mortgage Arrears Dilemma

The Mortgage Arrears Dilemma A recent report highlighted the increase in severe mortgage arrears had increased 16% from Q2 2020 through Q2 2021. Severe mortgage arrears are those loans where the arrears balance is between 2.5% and 5% of the loan total. Buy to let mortgage arrears in the same category have increased 134% in
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IR35 Limited Company

IR35 & Property Investment Demand

IR35 & Property Investment Since April 2021 HMRC introduced changes to IR35. This meant that all public sector clients and medium or large-sized clients outside the public sector became responsible for deciding on the worker’s employment status. This meant that many contractors and freelancers who were IR35 now became employees with their client now being
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rental yields flat

Rentals incomes on the move

Rental Incomes on The Move It seems to have been a rollercoaster ride for the residential rental sector over the last 18 months, leading us to a place where very few would have predicted when the pandemic began. Back at the start of the pandemic we saw lenders withdraw, nervous of job losses, voids and
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what is top slicing

What is Top Slicing?

What is Top Slicing? Let’s remember that the whole financial sector loves an acronym and loves a sound bite. Top Slicing sounds more like my golf game, but it is all about buy to let lending and using other income to support a shortfall in rental income. It works where the traditional lending to rental
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joint venture property tips

Tips on Joint Venture Developments

Joint Venture Developments A joint venture is when you undertake a project with a commercial aim in partnership with another person/s. Joint ventures are pretty common when it comes to property investment, whether that be a property development or acquiring a property to let as an investment. There are several good reasons why joint ventures
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