How Growth Accelerator Can Help You

Growth Accelerator The Growth Accelerator scheme is aimed at ambitious businesses who are serious about growing. It is a government funded scheme which provides businesses with access to professional support in any of the following areas; Access to finance Growth through innovation Business development Leadership & Management There are other benefits to being part of
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Computer Says No! AKA – How Does Credit Scoring Work?

  Computer Says No, or What Is Credit Scoring? We often get asked this, or rather asked to explain how the decision made by the bank has been arrived at. Firstly, Credit Scoring is a statistically based system which judges each proposal on a set of criteria driven from past experience. It doesn’t judge you
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Alternative Business Finance

Many of us have heard about ‘Crowd Funding’ or ‘Peer to Peer’ lending, but what are these really about, how do they work and are they the genuine article? The basics are that these sites put the depositor and lender together. Historically the depositor has put his (or hers) cash into the bank, who then
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