The Business Finance Foreign Language

Business Finance Is a Foreign Language When you go to Spain it is fair to say we all know a few words, could order our cerveza, count to 10 and the rest. Not many of us are fluent. Take that then try mixing that with a bit of Mandolin, Flemish, Arabic, and Esperanto. Just how
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Understand Your Bank

The Bank Doesn’t Understand My Business Is this the most common line said about banks, especially in the last few years? Probably is if our straw poll is anything to go by. Why Don’t Banks Understand? The easy answer here is that the small business and the bank have very different views and a different
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Crowdfunding Options Explained

Crowdfunding Options Explained We talk a lot about the benefits of crowdfunding, how this lending model can offer solutions to businesses who have struggled with the banks over the last few years. One of the most common questions we get asked is about ‘equity’ and ‘investment’. In other words the belief that crowdfunding is an
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The Beehive, City Place, Gatwick

Lime Consultancy Move To The Beehive The Beehive offers us the opportunity to provide our clients with vastly improved meeting spaces, better facilities and all within the heart of Gatwick. The Beehive has ample parking, great access and puts us in the centre of one of the most exciting commercial development areas anywhere in Sussex.
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Why Business Fail To Raise Finance

Business Fail To Raise Finance Why do businesses fail to raise finance? Good question… If you are running your own business then you have something about you, you must be in some way capable, competent and knowledgeable. So why do so many businesses fail to raise finance? Specialisms It is all about specialism. You are
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Loan Repayment Calculator

Working out what your loan repayments should be, could be, or even would be can be less than straightforward. Every lender does things a little differently. Some work out interest monthly, some daily. Some lenders provide a flat rate, others an APR. The thing is, underneath it all you have a customer who simply wants
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How Business Finance Decisions Are Made – PAR

Understanding how business finance decisions are arrived at by general lenders will really help you in obtaining finance in the future. This simple model is an example of the process general lenders use to asses applications for business finance. When we talk about ‘general lenders’ then we refer to banks and finance companies that are
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