Alternative SME Finance

Alternative SME Finance So, you are an SME director/owner and are looking for finance. History says you go to your bank, tell them your story and ask for money. Confident of getting your finance? Probably not. So where do you go next. In the UK there are over 4m SMEs making up 99% of the
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Invoice Finance vs Factoring, The Difference

Invoice Finance. Also known as Sales Finance, Discounting, Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Sales Factoring, Invoice Factoring. You name it, the next firm calls it something different! In essence they all produce the same result. So, let’s sum up what it is all about. XYZ Ltd sell widgets. They get an order, make the widgets then sell
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Undercover Invoice Financing

We often find ourselves asked how to get paid quicker, or paid at all, without going down a route of factoring. When we ask why not use factoring the answer is commonly that ‘my clients won’t like it’ or ‘my clients like to deal with me’, at which point our answer is a simple OK.
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