When Is Revenue Not Revenue?

Business Revenue Sales, turnover, income, whatever you decide to call it. Revenue is the money coming in to a business. For most business owners it forms the lifeblood of the company, it is what everything else is pointed toward. However one of the biggest accounting mistakes businesses make is thinking revenue is revenue when it
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The Budget – Autumn Statement

  The Budget – Autumn Statement First things first, the Autumn statement is being made in December. Not really Autumn then… Which pretty much sums things up, not quite what they seem and a little confusing. So another budget which takes some thinking about. We are grateful to Menzies Chartered Accountants for their Budget commentary,
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Tips To Improve Your Business – Part Three (Tax, VAT, HMRC)

There is a reason why we say that things are taxing, because tax is not easy, it is not necessarily fair and there is no easy way to understand company tax law. HMRC make the rules. You must obey the rules. Think of your regular football referee who mistakenly sends a player off, that player
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