Why Foreign Exchange Risk Is More Than Just Cash – FX Risk

Foreign Exchange Risk (FX Risk) Or is it is more commonly referred to, FX risk. For most businesses FX risk arises when you have one currency and need to convert it to another, either now or in the future. The risk being that the exchange rate will move and you could end up losing. The
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Is Bitcoin The Future?

Bitcoin Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Renminbi… So what about Bitcoin joining the list? What Is A Bitcoin? First things first, let’s get back to the basics of what money is. Let’s accept the following; Money is simply a medium of exchange, something given in exchange for a product or service All currencies are fiduciary. They are
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The Bitcoin Revolution

What Is A Bitcoin/ The Bitcoin Story First conceived in an academic paper in 1998, the Bitcoin was derived from a study into cryptography. Having caught the attention of the digital world, it went on to see it’s first boom and bust in 2011. Each Bitcoin can be split into 100m pieces, so you can
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